Mountain Series 28

The following comment is inspired by Matthew 5:41," And whoever compels you to go one mile,go with him two."  To be a christian,doesn't mean that we open up the treasures of our hearts and wallets,and let whosoever would take,let them take. If we do that we are not being good stewards over what God have given us. A mile is 5,280,in yards 1,760,and in meters,1,609. How do we measure that in benevolence and in other good will? How far should we go when it is asked of us to give food,clothes,advice,money,or other acts of kindness and generosity? Our King and Savior Jesus Christ, is not teaching us to blindly go two miles with anybody or with anything. Yet in all what is asked or compeled of us we should always use sound judgement,with grace and love.