Mountain Series 1

On January of 2012 I started Free Publication,and  began a series in which I had published call The Sermon On The Mountain series.It was inspired by the scriptures in the bible,Matthew chapters 5,6,7, which Jesus Christ taught.Many good nuggets was gotten from that series,and it bless me as well as many other people who read and followed the series.As I revisit this series I pray and hope that whoever read these writings will be bless,strengthen,and encouraged. The teaching of Jesus Christ is the doctrine of the church,and a inspirational life line to the soul. The following writings is inspired by Matthew 5:1-2.   It takes discipline to not just to learn,but to teach. The writer took his time and in great detail,to explain the way that Jesus started to teach. Jesus went up on a mountain,he sat,then his disciples came behind him.Then,when they sat he open his mouth and taught them. This is the mystery of God,because, God is being manifested in Jesus Christ. The kingdom of God is being opening up to Jesus's disciples.  Lord,help us to be discipline in our learning,and when we teach.  Anthony L Manson DBA Free Publication copyright 2016 all rights reserved. This series is 25% owned by The U.S Department of State The Office of International Religious Freedom,and 25% owned by The First Church Of Christ,Scientist located on 10 west 68th Street,in New York city with 25% of it's copyrights to both.