Mountain Series 22

The following comment is inspired by Matthew 5:29-30. It is human to get offended sometimes,and it is emotionally unstable to be offended all the time. I once gave an example in one of my writings of a person who got offended for seeing trash on the street,and if you would go to their home,it looks like a disaster. There are many people who get offended at everything,and don't realize that they are offensive. For the record, Jesus is not teaching anyone to do bodily harm to themselves or others. For anything to grow,we must get rid of everything that is stoping it from doing so, a gardener and a tree pruner understands this. There are some people,things,events, who are in our lives,and comes in our lives that are so offensive that they are harmful,so in order to grow spiritaully and live life it is beneficial to us to separate ourselves from them or it,so we can enjoy life and grow.