Mountain Series 31

The following comment is inspired by Matthew 5:46-48," Therefore you shall be perfect,just as your Father in haven is perfect."   We are living in a age of time where to hear or even say that one is a christian don't mean much in many circles. The word Christian has lost it meaning and fame as it once was heard and shown how to be,as in the day where it was first heard in Antioch,Acts 11:26.  Some may say because it's a different time,but no,that not it,we,the church have lower the standard of what it is to be christian. The Church,yes us Christian,have the same power as our Brothers and Sisters had who were in Antioch to be perfect,or christians. We can greet the ungreetable, love the unloveable,forgive the those who are difficult. We can put other before ourselves,give without wanting something in return. We can be talk about in a evil way and not try to get back,we can let go and forgive again and again,and again. We can be perfect,or Christ like now and for generation to come because this is who our Father is.